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Treatex have put together two different cleaning kits for use on surfaces treated with their Treatex Hardwax Oil:

Cleaning and Maintenance kit – designed to clean and refresh Hardwax Oil surfaces without having to apply a fresh coat of Hardwax Oil

Wood Floor Cleaning kit – comes with a microfibre mop and spray on floor care for general cleaning of Hardwax Oil Surfaces

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Wood Floor Cleaning Kit, Cleaning and Maintenance Kit


Dilute 50ml of Treatex Preparation Cleaner in 5 litres of water. On heavily soiled floors you can dilute up to 100ml of Preparation Cleaner in 5 litres of water. Use a mop, brush or a budding machine with a white or red pad to thoroughly scrub the surface with the solution. After using the solution, rinse with clean water to remove any residue. Never soak wood in water for any length of time, ensure that the surface is only damp and never wet. Leave to dry thoroughly for at least 3 hours before refinishing with Treatex Hardwax Oil Ultra or refreshing with Treatex Wax Polish.