Osmo MS Advance Wood Flooring Adhesive


OSMOUK MS Advance is a one component adhesive specially formulated for the interior installation of bamboo, parquet block, engineered wood plank as well as pre-finished and unfinished solid wood flooring. Solvent and isocyanate free, with neglible VOC content and low odour. Thanks to the special formulation the adhesive has great early strength build for immediate grab and quickly builds to a tenacious but elastic bond as the adhesive continues to cure.


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Suitable for bonding many different types of floors including strips and mosaic parquet, plank floors and wood block floors on porous and non-porous substrates.

  • 100% solids and low odour
  • Water and solvent free
  • Isocyanate free
  • High strength
  • Waterproof bond
  • Early quick grab
  • Meets environmental emissions according to DIBt
  • Ready to use: no mixing required
  • Provides high quality indoor air: non-toxic, eco-friendly
  • Suitable for under-floor heating systems
  • Permanently flexible


  • Approx. coverage: up to 1.5m²/KG
  • Application climate: 15-30°C, 30-60% RH
  • Sizes: 8KG, 15KG

Additional information


15KG, 8KG


  • Before the application, be sure that the surface is dry, clean, smooth and free from dust
  • Open the pail and cut the aluminium foil bag.
  • Do not dilute the adhesive in any manner.
  • In order to ensure good processing properties, the minimum temperature of the
    adhesive should be at least 15 °C.
  • Apply the adhesive with the recommended trowel.
  • Working time is around 30 min. at 23 °C, 50% R.H.
  • The adhesive cures with humidity therefore in order to ensure proper drying,
    adequate air humidity is necessary.
  • Once opened the product inside the foil bag must be used up in a short time.
  • Clean the adhesive with a cloth if the adhesive is still wet. Once it has hardened, it can be cleaned mechanically.
  • Walking on parquet can be done after 24 hours.
  • Follow wood flooring manufacturer’s guidelines for special precautions during
  • Please make sure that the floor is level and that at least 80% of the adhesive is in contact with the board.

Product Information

Please see below for product, technical and safety information from Osmo.

MS Advance Adhesive – Product Information

MS Advance Adhesive – Safety Information