Gold 3.3mm Underlay


Product: Gold Underlay (LYM_GU33)

Thickness:– 3.3 mm

Materials: Natural rubber

Size: 10 m2 per roll

Uses: Heavy traffic areas, sound reduction, moisture protection, commercial and public buildings


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High quality Gold flooring underlay with vapour barrier. This underlay is 3.3 mm ultra-thick natural high density rubber for excellent heavy mass stability, preventing movement of your flooring to minimise wear and tear.

The ultra-thick laminated materials in our Gold underlay will cut down noise levels in your space for outstanding acoustic performance. The gold vapour layer will protect your wooden flooring from damp by preventing moisture rising from the subfloor.

This underlay is suitable for use with our wooden flooring products and, due to its stability and durability, can be used in high traffic areas or spaces with underfloor heating. This product is also suitable for use in commercial and public buildings due to the thickness of its materials.

Please note that this underlay is not recommended for use with underfloor heating – for this application our Silver Plus underlay is more suitable. (LYM_GU33) £30.00